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We are building game-changing products and offering out of the box services. That means bringing together the industry's most talented engineers, professionals and thought leaders. We are always looking for individuals who can think big and execute every day on a path toward a collective vision. Our business model lies on collaborations & Partnerships with people across all industries. If you think you are up for the challenge, Please post your portfolio at info@calienlimited.com. If you would like to collaborate or partner up for particular projects, feel free to email us  your proposal and say hello.

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Why should you join the CALIEN LIMITED TEAM?

  1. For us, it's what it takes to give the clients the best experience ever.
  2. We work with the best of the tools available across platforms and technologies to create the best possible user experience
  3. Never ending opportunities in terms of responsibility and scope of work.
  4. Your ideas are valued and appreciated.
  5.  By joining Calien Limited you can thrive in a high-energy working environment with outstanding opportunities for growth, endless skill-building possibilities and the chance to create and innovate at the front lines of a rapidly expanding industry with a company breaking boundaries daily.