Banking & Finance

Calien Limited provides financial establishments with tailor-made software to meet specific industry needs. We also have our in house software that solves the need of most companies. We work with select clients and don’t force to pick more customers than that be serviced. Our expert partners have been building banking front- and back-offices, business financial systems, risk management solutions, analytics software, payment and billing applications for years. Our experts take advantage of the latest tech trends, including blockchain, AI and BI, to provide the most secure and reliable solutions to customers.


Calien Limited provides integrated entertainment solutions to leading media houses in the segments related to digital advertising, digital publishing, streaming, video platforms, and social media spaces.

We are helping transform the way media companies work efficiently and differently to gain a competitive edge. Our Partners guarantee the best solutions for on-demand delivery, mobile apps development, subscription management, API development to software development. Our deep expertise has allowed us to work with our clients in highly complex areas related to end-to-end media asset flow. Our partner & team’s expertise in mobile and web game development spans across different sections from design and prototyping to development.


Calien specialises in streamlining online businesses and helps them succeed by delivering custom eCommerce solutions. We knows the loopholes and how to streamline online businesses and help them succeed by delivering custom eCommerce solutions. We have relevant experience in building e-commerce web and mobile-enabled systems, B2C/B2B e-commerce portals, e-shops, online marketplaces, and execution management systems, Our in house systems can handle order tracking, BI/analytics, payment gateways development and integration, etc. We also help e-commerce companies with payment processing. We provide merchants with fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. We have a portal which allows them to accept transactions and is able to support major currencies.


Our custom solutions also include solutions for companies engaged in the entertainment industry: media broadcasting and advertising companies, news agencies, gaming companies, music and movies studios. Our team has a special place in this industry. Having a team that comes from diverse backgrounds has advantages such as servicing out of the box industries such as Entertainment. We also embrace recent technology trends, including virtual and augmented reality, to help our customers draw a new audience and better engage existing users.

Real Estate

We offer enterprise solutions for real estate businesses such as real estate portals loaded with property information and agent listings. We also develop Lead Management Systems as well as mobile apps with search features, powered by navigational tools, virtual tour feature as well as photo/video uploads. Calien partners with the best in the industry to support mobile apps for real estate businesses which allow agents and managers to view and showcase the property on their smart devices.

We also pay attention and provide easy access to data such as space details, appointments, reports and other inputs required for capturing and tracking lead status.


Getting high-quality service at a lower cost is a big challenge Airlines are facing today. Airlines always strive to keep the customers happy and are always in a growing phase. We consult companies from this sector over a good number of matters and have also provided strategies that have had increasing revenues while keeping costs down.

Calien is not an expert in the domain, but definitely understands the unique needs of the industry, hence providing a wide range of products and services with the help of partners and collaborators.


Insurance companies always strive to improve business and sales in a globally integrated market. Insurance companies are perpetually looking for sophisticated and streamlined solutions that will differentiate themselves from other companies.

Calien has been able to provide technical expertise in enabling the company’s workforce with the right tools.