Portal Content & Management

A company portal provides an overview of your organization by displaying all the data available dynamically from all the sources. It assists and motivates customers, employees, and vendors to use the information available to their disposal as per their needs. With the nonstop flow of information and the number of applications that a company has, a centralised platform for instant access is a must for every company.

This is where Calien comes to help. We not only provide management services for portals but also help with designing and consulting for an organizational structure for the content/ information that needs to go up.

Website Design & Development

- Brand Websites

- Mobile Websites

- Content Management Systems

- Social Network Marketing

At Calien Portal we realised that designing has an aspect in which psychology of the user is important. We use data acquired from our partners to understand user behavior to create websites with the best designs and UI. Our experts can evaluate the core purpose of your website and create a professional website which best suit your needs and target audience, keeping high quality and international standards.

Our team of proficient UX/UI specialists are ready to boost user experience of your web solution through responsive and interactive designs with a perfect look and feel on any types of devices, platforms and browsers.


- Corporate Websites

- Personal Websites

- E-Commerce Solutions

- Intranet/Extranet Websites

Application Development

At Calien we are known for turning your ideas into state-of-the-art software powered by robust search, management, and data processing tools. The people we collaborate with or work with have years of expertise and we guarantee you the best solution for your business. We make sure the application being developed meets all necessary standards to be integrated with the existing system. Utmost attention is paid to provide the solution so that it can integrate harmoniously with the existing systems.

We develop, modernize, and integrate custom applications to improve business performances, streamline operational efficiency, and enhance staff productivity and mobility. Moreover, the application gets upgraded as technology keeps advancing. We develop custom applications, mobile apps, web solutions, enterprise-level software, and more. We also have our own software applications that can be purchased, provided they meet the particular company standards.

Strategic Consulting & Partnerships

We realised that there are certain factors that play an important role in a company’s growth such as strategic decision making and the right partnerships. At Calien we not only understand the business of our clients but we also guide them strategically and sit with them to make them understand how certain decisions could play out in real life. We also connect these companies to the best talent, freelancers, service providers that not only help grow their business but also act as asset to them in the long run.

Our Analysis also helps to shape the project from the very start and facilitate communication between the project stakeholders. Our highly-qualified business analysts check background information, set business objectives, gather and document project requirements, identify and solve business problems and, if needed, suggest technical solutions.

Process Automation Solutions

In everyday business, there is a lot of work that requires manual inputs like loading a text/csv/excel/XML file to database, export data to a file and send to third parties, copy files between local drives/ network drives/FTP/email, read email and save data to database/file system, etc.


Calien has created a unique solution that automates most of these tasks and increases productivity for various businesses. Many of these processes that are automated also reduce manpower requirements and human mistakes.

Software Support Services

Calien has a 24x7 support center with highly skilled staff experienced with the methods and tools to support, sustain and improve a company's software assets’ value and performance over time. Our support centre services staff is a diverse group of experts from across various industries. Our software support services include on-demand labor and maintenance services, annual or extended support agreements for your advanced applications, basic system software and complete automation solutions.

We guarantee free support services during the warranty period and services under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). For those customers who have advanced requirements to support their services we provide a custom SLA with negotiable terms.

Project Marketing Consultancy

Some businesses do not always have the time, resources or a dedicated team to promote their products and/or services as efficiently as possible. Calien helps businesses and small to medium technology companies achieve their business goals by providing a comprehensive range of services to support their online and offline marketing activities.

We act as the company’s outsourced marketing department or we provide additional support to their in-house marketing department, depending on the solution required.

Some of the services we offer are :

– SEO                                                 – Copywriting

– Reports & White papers             – Marketing Strategies

– PR & Promotional Activities      – Market Research

– Social Media                                  – Event & Project Management



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